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Human rights looms large in the conscience of lawyers and laypeople alike: the term is invoked frequently in discussions about politics, current affairs, and non-profit work. It seems like a romantic, and to many people, intuitive, idea. But many would be surprised to learn that the notion of universal ‘human rights’ is a relatively new one, with specific definitions, legal instruments, and protections.

- Nicholas Clark, Blog Manager 2022

Our Writers


Nicholas Clark
Editorial Manager

Nicholas is a second-year law student at Wadham College, and is part of the executive committee for the Oxford Pro Bono Working Group, and writes for numerous student publications. He is interested in engaging with ideas, careers, and opportunities in the field of human rights law, and hopes to give them greater exposure at Oxford.


Bea Munro
Associate Writer

Bea is a first year law student at Hertford College. She aspires to the Bar, with a focus on human rights and employment. She is particularly interested in rights conflicts and States' attempts to balance these.


Rhys Duncan
Associate Writer

Rhys is a second-year law student at Trinity College, where he is co-president of the Trinity Law Society. He is keen to pursue a career in advocacy, with a focus on human rights law and international criminal law. His aim though writing for the OHRSS blog is to bring awareness to a variety of topical and relevant issues in these fields of law.


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