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Israel-Palestine: Humanitarian Aid and a Message From the Committee

Dear OHRSS Members,

We send our support to those of you impacted during this time.

We are devastated by the tragic loss of civilian life in Israel and Palestine, and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

We are also deeply concerned by the rise of islamophobia and antisemitism. We urge students to take care of their mental health, and to be particularly supportive and kind to their peers at this time.

The Committee wanted to highlight some organisations providing humanitarian aid to civilians impacted.

We are aware that providing financial support might be difficult for students, however, we respectfully encourage the circulation of these sources as one way of supporting those affected.

The OHRSS Committee

Red Cross: Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory: a devastating humanitarian crisis

UNICEF: Donate to Protect the Children in Gaza

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David Shaw
David Shaw
07 de nov. de 2023

How are the 'human rights' of children in Gaza being protected at the moment, and why is Israel allowed to get away with it?? David

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