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Human Rights
Student Society

Oxford's premier society dedicated to the promotion of careers in human rights law.

Founded in 2021, the Oxford Human Rights Student Society's (OHRSS) mission is to help students attain careers in human rights law.

Through careers events with human rights law firms, organisations and personalities, we aim to highlight the human rights opportunities available to graduates and illuminate the process of applying to these positions. We also hope to connect students with a keen interest in human rights law to inspirational figures from a wide range of specialties in the field of human rights law, with intent to create a valuable and supportive network with industry experts.

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Since our founding in 2021, we have been privileged to host events with some of the biggest names in human rights law: notable QCs, the former President of the UN War Crimes Tribunals, the Director of the Howard League,  the Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Section Chiefs of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and more.  We aim to tailor offer a wide range of events to suit our members' varied human rights interests.  

Access to our events is free for all current members of the University of Oxford.  Sign-up to OHRSS membership below!


OHRSS membership is free and open to all members of the University of Oxford.  Our events are primarily aimed at undergraduate students, although may also appeal to postgraduate members!  Register for membership by filling out the form below or clicking the link above!

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Sponor Us

This is a very exciting time to get involved with OHRSS! In since our launch in September 2021 we have already gained 170 members as well as over 290 follows of our online presence. We have already hosted events with fantastic speakers such as noted barristers Helen Mountfeld QC and Amanda Weston QC, NGOs such as the Howard League for Penal Reform and REDRESS, senior representatives from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the former President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

The relatively specialised nature of our society means that our members are particularly passionate and dedicated to a career in human rights. This means that our events, online presence and mailing list are followed by students interested in your organisation's area of work.

Given the preoccupation with corporate law careers that dominates other law societies at Oxford, we are in the unique position of offering direct access to an audience that cares specifically about human rights.

Our Team

Danny Holroyde

Danny is a third-year law student at Trinity College, and is also the co-president of Trinity College Law Society and the Oxford Society for
Commercial Law. He has been doing ongoing pro bono advisory work for Citizens Advice and the Oxford Pro Bono Working Group.

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Anna Fletcher
Vice President

Anna is a first-year law student at Lincoln College. Passionate about means of addressing inequalities,
Anna has developed a hands-on approach during years of volunteering, and a penchant for
blue-sky thinking as editor of a social issues newsletter.


Rhea Chopra
Vice President

Rhea is a third-year law student at Lady Margaret Hall. She has had experience being the LMH Law Society President and an Access Ambassador for the Law
Faculty. Her main goal is to allow students at Oxford to hear from people involved in human rights law to demystify the field.

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Anna Fletcher


Anna is a second year law student at Lincoln College. She is passionate about women's rights and protecting the most vulnerable, with a special focus on immigration. Anna hopes to shine a spotlight on the space for human rights work in many sectors, and the diverse range of career paths available.

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Justine Duvernay
Vice President

Justine is a second year History and Spanish student at Trinity College. Involved with organisations centred around gender equality and equal access to education, she aspires to one day work in the field of human rights. She is keen on using her role as part of OHRSS to bring visibility to the variety of career options related to human rights.

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Omid Yeganeh